Micro Dentistry

What is the use of Micro Dentistry?

Micro dentistry, is the practice of using microscopes to obtain precise visualization during the treatments. It prevents the oral tissues and dental structures from being injured during diagnosis, caries removal and cavity preparation.

Advantages of Micro dentistry

  • Reduced stress
  • Having control of the operative field
  • Less fatigue
  • Better ergonomics
  • Enhanced Efficiency

High Level Clinic Treatment with Micro Dentistry

By using Micro dentistry, the result is a high level clinical excellence in treatment. It makes a difference in conducting dental procedures who needs perfection in their practice.

Uses of Microscope in Dentistry

  • Provides accuracy in Endodontic Therapy.
  • Serves as an aid in teaching the supporting staff.
  • Valuable tool while performing restorative measures and doing final adjustments of crowns and bridges.

An Overview

Microscopes have become a mandatory tool in dentistry worldwide. And the results are visible. Details otherwise missed now become vivid, spots and blemishes become clear. And your very diagnosis becomes more insightful based on information available to your own eyes

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