Surgical Orthodontics


Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery is a Puzzle which perplexes the mind of even the most skilled Orthodontist. A surgical case still remains as a challenge due to its high variant of treatment quality.

With a systematic approach of proper diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning using a fully adjustable articulator (SAM-3). We can consistently provide successful results even in complicated surgical cases.

This course will provide a clear prescription to the enigmatic surgical cases, understanding of the principles and treatment strategies, to achieve better aesthetics and function.

The Course Highlights :

Knowing about skeletal malocclusion

Prediction / Treatment planning / Execution of Treatment plan and Management of Complicated cases

Lecture includes

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment planning
  2. Pre Surgical Orthodontics
  3. Post Surgical Orthodontics

3 Hands-on Module

  1. Facebow transfer – articulation of Surgical cases
  2. STO – Surgical Treatment Objectives with Cephalometric tracing
  3. Model Surgery and Surgical splint construction

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