Tooth Bleaching

Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching is the simplest and most conservative way to brighten your smile through the application of a chemical agent.

Alterations in tooth colour may be due to food stains( coffee, tea,coloured drinks etc), smoking, fluoride, food colouring agents, drugs like tetracycline, aging, etc.,which can be lightened by bleaching.

The result will depend on the shade of the tooth.


Intracoronal bleaching: Done for nonvital/RC treated tooth.

a)At home: in this the bleaching agent is placed inside the pulp cavity and sealed.

The patient has to come for review after 1 week.

b)In office: cotton pellets soaked with 30% hydrogen peroxide are placed inside the pulp cavity and activated by light and heat.

Extra coronal bleaching; for vital tooth

This bleaching technique is fast and effective.

a) In office:

35% hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on all front teeth and the whitening process is activated by laser light or light from a special bleacing unit.

It is done in one or two visits.

b) At home:

The bleaching gel is applied in a transparent tray which fits snugly over the teeth. It can be used during the day or while sleeping.

The process takes from several days to a couple of weeks.

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