Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth to restore the lost functional capacity and esthetics of the patients.

What is a dental bridge?

It is a permanent replacement of the missing teeth obtaining support from the adjacent teeth on both sides.

The teeth on either side, adjacent to the space are reduced in all dimensions to receive the Bridge. The supporting teeth act like pillars of the bridge.

Is dental bridge a necessary procedure?

Yes. If the space of a missing tooth in the upper or lower jaw is left unfilled for a long time, it may cause the adjacent teeth to drift into this space.

This will cause increased chances of decay and mobility in the teeth and bone loss and eventually lead to tooth loss.

What are the different types of bridges?

All ceramic bridges (E-max, lava)

  • Ideal bridges for esthetic correction and front tooth/teeth replacements.

Metal – ceramic bridges

  • Ideal for posteriors (molars) to with-stand the biting forces.
  • Inside is the metal on which ceramic build up is done.

All metal bridges

  • Not used commonly now because of its metallic appearance.

Zirconia bridges

  • Used for front and back teeth
  • Stronger than all ceramic.
  • Adapts well to the shape and colour of the tooth.

CAD-CAM(computer aided design-computer aided machining)

  • It is one of the recent advancement in the field of dentistry.
  • Solid blocks of ceramic or Zirconia is milled using CAD CAM. It is very strong, more accurate and requires less time for fabrication.

What is the procedure for dental bridge ?

Preparation of a bridge includes 2 visits to the dental clinic.

I visit : The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth on either side is prepared by reducing the tooth structure on all the surfaces to receive a bridge.

Impressions of the prepared teeth are taken and sent to the lab for the preparation of customized bridge which usually takes 3-4 days.

A temporary bridge is given to protect the tooth structure between the dental visits.

II visit : Once the permanent bridge comes from the lab, it is tried on the patients tooth and after checking for the comfort, the bridge is cemented permanently.

In what way are dental bridges advantageous?

  • Colour matches the existing teeth.
  • Restores function hence increases chewing efficiency.
  • Strong & durable.
  • Restores the original size and shape of the tooth.
  • Reinforces the tooth.
  • Has a very good success rate in treated patients.
  • Time tested method of replacing missing teeth.
Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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