Fixed full hybrid denture(All-on-4)

Fixed full hybrid denture(All-on-4)

When a patient has lost all the teeth in the jaws due to accident or disease, removable dentures were the only option available for replacement. With the advent of implants, the whole arch of artificial teeth can now be replaced in a fixed manner. When the amount of remaining bone is good enough, an All-on-6 or All-on-8 implant technique would be the ideal choice to replace the teeth.  

Considering the cost involved to place so many implants and also the quantity of bone available, the ideal alternative would be a hybrid denture.

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What are hybrid dentures?

Hybrid dentures are used to replace full set of teeth in the jaws using implants. It is like a denture but fixed like a bridge. It is fabricated using acrylic resin material over a metal frame work and held by screws threaded into the implant. 


  • Patient is given local anaesthesia.
  • Implants are placed into the jaw bone or in case of extracted tooth it is directly placed into the socket after extraction. 
  • An impression of the jaws is taken to fabricate the temporary denture with teeth.
  • Temporary denture is placed the following day.
  • After a healing period of 3 months, the temporary denture is replaced with permanent fixed hybrid denture.

Who are the best candidates for All-on-4 hybrid dentures?

  • Patients who have insufficient jaw bone
  • Patients who have lost all their teeth
  • Patients who have few teeth that are loose
  • Patients who are already wearing removable dentures that are not comfortable or loose,  ill fitting or hurting 
  • Patients who are looking for a fixed denture that need not be removed everyday.

Benefits of All-on-4 fixed hybrid dentures

  • Extreme patient satisfaction
  • Quick improvement in quality of life of patient
  • Need not be removed every day
  • Can chew and enjoy your food like natural teeth
  • No worries about slipping of dentures
  • No palatal coverage
  • Does not interfere with speech
  • Very comfortable and does not hurt
  • No need for bone grafts
  • Shorter treatment time
Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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