Why Us?

Why choose us-Smile and Glow?

Dental appearance is considered to be important, especially among young adults. Choosing the right dentist to rectify the root causes in no time can be the apt choice. Patient-centred, well-versed doctors, advanced types of equipment, and sharing required awareness to the public are the primary concerns and priorities of Smile and Glow.
A good doctor would ensure to educate his patients and provide the required information before the treatment. An educated patient will be different and exceptionally knowledgable on how to cooperate with the doctors. This could help the doctors perform the procedures without difficulties. The main goal is to meet the needs of all the individuals who walk into our doors. Doctors and staff are friendly and ensure that all patients feel the warmth. The safety and comfort of each patient are taken into consideration by each one at our premises. An enthusiastic group of staff is present throughout the premises to make sure every patient clears their clarifications.
Technological aspect
Smile and Glow, a clinic that is well established with the required and advanced equipment, provides treatments for all dental problems. Microscope, dental audit scan, and T-scans are various latest appliances available at our clinic. These could help resolve any dental issue and improve dental health.
Societal aspect
Maintaining good oral health and accurate dental appearance are considered essential for all. Our doctors are available all the time with apt help for their patients. Camps are conducted on dental awareness at schools and the local public for a better understanding of oral health. The clinic provides free treatment to all who cannot afford to spend. Dental health is important; hence, we need to resolve the problems on time. Doctors stand by your side to ensure that patients get the required treatments on time.
Expert corner
Our doctors are completely up to date with all the latest methods, equipment, and techniques with the help of conferences and various courses. Our academy ensures that doctors and staff get quality training for all the latest appliances, which is applicable in dentistry.
The clinic and our healthcare professionals will never disappoint any patients who come to us. By communicating clearly with any of the doctors, patients can clear out the dental anxiety in no time.

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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