Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A good smile is a key ingredient in establishing a healthy friendship is not just for aesthetics it restores form and function. A healthy and beautiful smile is still a dream for many people. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a highly individualized treatment procedure. The objective of a complete mouth reconstruction plan is to improve the health of the entire mouth, which includes the teeth, the gums, and also the bite. In many cases, it is required to replace or restore every single tooth in the mouth using a combination of dental procedures.


At Smile and Glow, we treat your dental problem from the root. We follow a few procedures that you may not find in any other hospital. The given below are the procedures we do for Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

  • • We at first try to understand the root cause of the problem.

  • • A complete blood test is done to identify /rule out any systemic illnesses. In case of any problem the patient would be referred to the concerned specialist for treatment.

  • • Saliva plays a major role in preventing caries and maintaining the health of the oral tissues. Any problem with the saliva like dryness, consistency, and buffering capacity of the saliva is identified with the salivary test. In case of any issues, suitable medications and salivary substitutes will be prescribed.

  • • Then we check if the person does teeth grinding due to stress or during sleep and if found the necessary treatment is done.

  • • In case of patients having sleep disorders like sleep apnoea due to underlying oral issues, appropriate treatment would be given.

  • • Evaluation of TMJ and any disorders detected would be treated accordingly.

  • • Oral prophylaxis is done to remove the oral foci of infection and clean the teeth .

  • • If there is any gum problem necessary treatment like curettage (deep cleaning) or piezo surgeries will be advocated.

  • • During a Full Mouth Rehabilitation, all the damages that happened to the teeth are removed and restored.

  • The teeth are made of three layers, the Enamel, dentin and the pulp. The Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth which is white in colour. Since, it does not have nerve endings, the patient does not feel any symptoms like sensitivity or pain when there is a decay in the enamel. The second layer of the tooth is the Dentin which partially has nerve endings, and when the cavity progresses to the second layer, it causes sensitivity. The third layer and the innermost layer of the tooth is the pulp. It contains actual nerves and blood vessels and hence the patient experiences severe pain when the decay reaches the pulp.

  • If the cavity is on enamel or dentine, we do fillings using bonded composite resins. If it has reached the pulp then a Root Canal treatment (RCT) has to be done. A post is given when the tooth is grossly destroyed and then the tooth is restored with a crown.

  • In case of missing teeth, we replace them either by giving a fixed bridge or Dental Implants.


The most important aspect of FMR is restoring the patient’s natural bite . For this we use special devices and techniques. Rehabilitation of dentition is done in combination with teeth, gums,joints(TMJ) and facial muscles and should be in harmony to have long term stability, function and aesthetics.

To achieve this we do the following :


Pre-ops photos taken for evaluation of facial structures.


Pre-op gnathostatic models taken for identifying jaw relationship with teeth


Facebow is used for recording the maxillo-mandibular relationship from the patient to undergo lab procedures for proper occlusal fit in the prosthesis and helps in diagnosis of occlusal diseases.

This relationship is transferred to an articulator called SAM articulator. It is developed on gnathological principles (human mandibular movements) replicating exact movements of mouth.

SAM Articulator is an instrument used for registering the exact maxilla and mandibular position from the patient to get your prosthesis done with perfection and precision.SAM articulator is developed on gnathological principles (human mandibular movements) replicating exact movements of mouth.


Digital occlusal analysis to provide customised crowns,bridge and implants and occlusal mapping in terms of real time patient bite forces.


Ultra low frequency TENS machine used for relaxing the muscles oriented to the skull and the mandible to go for a posture rest position and to get a proper bite in maxillo-mandibular relationship

6) After evaluating the patient’s photos, X-rays, CT Scan and 3D modelling of face, digital treatment planning would be done with the active involvement of the patient . The final outcome desired by the patient would be made as temporaries for trial in the mouth which after approval by the patient and their family will be fabricated precisely and delivered.

The main advantage of the digital dentistry is that the patient wouldn’t be surprised of the outcome as the treatment is predictable.

At SMILE AND GLOW DENTAL HEALTH CARE HOSPITAL Chennai, our expert dental specialists strive to provide you with the world-class dental treatments

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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