Implant Supported Removable Denture

Implant Supported Removable Denture

removable dentures in chennai

Removable dentures were the traditional method of replacing a full arch of lost teeth. These dentures are not very comfortable as they become loose  after some years. This is because when the natural teeth are lost, the jaw bone undergoes resorption. This is quite often seen in the lower jaw compared to the upper jaw. So patients experience slipping of dentures while they eat and talk, causing a lot of embarrassment. They also cause pressure sores and irritate the gums. 

The implant supported dentures are a boon to these patients. Now these dentures can be retained in the jaws with the help of 2-4 implants. The patients can easily place and remove the dentures over these implants. Patients are extremely satisfied after switching over from regular dentures to implant supported dentures. There is a tremendous improvement in the patients’ quality of life and they can continue to chew and enjoy their food just like with natural teeth. Many of the patients admit that it is one of the best investments that they have made in their life.

Benefits of implant supported dentures

  • The dentures are held tightly in place with the help of implants.
  • They are not loose and do not move or slip during talking and eating
  • Cost effective
  • Minimal surgical procedure
  • Safe and predictable
  • Very comfortable. No more denture sores
  • No palatal coverage
  • Does not interfere with speech
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can chew food just like with natural teeth
Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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