Digital smile design

Digital smile design

digital smile design in chennai

The digital smile design (DSD) is the latest digital planning tool for aesthetic dentistry, in which the evaluation of the aesthetic relationship among the teeth, gingiva, smile, and face is obtained through lines, digital drawings, videos, photographs, and temporary mockups. The use of digital tools offers dentists and technicians a new perspective for diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as how they work together to create the patient’s smile.A digital smile design helps the dentists to achieve excellence, improve accuracy, and boost communication. This helps the patients to be an active participant in designing and treatment processes.

After collecting all the relevant information about every aspect of your mouth, our aesthetic dentist will look at the digital library of various forms and shapes that can be placed over the top of your teeth in the images. The images and videos help the expert to create a more realistic model, which may include your facial aesthetics and other vital aspects and provide you with a proper glimpse of what you can expect from the treatment.

With so many cosmetic dental treatments available, decisions are tough to make. Experts of Smile and Glow can help you to make the right decision. Our expert aesthetic dentist offers different options to create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

DSD is almost instantaneous. And the patient can view their new smile on the screen within seconds, thereby helping them to make decisions immediately. Once the patient approves the smile on the screen, 3D wax printing of the smile is done and temporaries are made and given to the patient for final approval. Any corrections can be done at this stage and once the patient is satisfied, the exact replica is made using permanent restorative materials like ceramics and cemented on the patients teeth. DSD helps the dentist to arrive at the best treatment plan for the patient, be it braces, implants, bridges, veneers or teeth whitening.

Conventional smile design Vs Digital smile design

In a conventional way of designing a patients smile without the use of any technology, the dentist will have a vague idea of what the patient’s expectation would be and the patient might as well find it difficult to express his/her expectation of the smile they want in just words. Designing a patient’s smile according to the shape and contour of the face makes a huge difference in the outcome. The lab technician wouldn’t be having any idea of this in the conventional method. Whereas in Digital Smile Designing the patient will be able to participate right from the beginning in clearly explaining how they want their smile to be, the expert Dentist can then and there design the smile for the patient, make the corrections and show the final outcome. The lab technician also will now have a clear idea of the patient’s facial features and fabricates accordingly which results in getting the perfect smile as how the patient and the dentist expected.

A digital smile design thus helps to deliver the treatment more precisely than the conventional methods.

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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