Keyhole Implant / 3D Guided Dental Implants

Keyhole Implant / 3D Guided Dental Implants

Most safe and precise dental implant procedure

Keyhole implant technique is the most safest and precise dental implant placement techniques. It is less invasive and atraumatic. In the conventional implant procedure, an incision is placed in the gums to place implants. In the keyhole technique, the 3D image of the jaw is carefully studied and the implant placement is planned precisely to avoid important anatomical structures like maxillary sinus, nerve canals etc.

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Using this, the lab fabricates a surgical guide/stent and sends it to us. This usually takes about 5-6 days. Using the surgical guide the implants are placed precisely into the jaw bone without incising the gums. The healing is also very fast compared to the conventional implants. Implant placement takes less than 15 minutes and can be done safely even in challenging anatomical situations. 

Benefits of Keyhole implant technique

  • Safest of all implant techniques even in difficult anatomical situations
  • Less time needed for procedure
  • Less invasive
  • Precise and predictable
  • Quicker healing
  • Less post-operative complications
Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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