Pediatric dentistry(Dentistry for Kids)

Pediatric dentistry(Dentistry for Kids)

Laying the foundation for a healthy smile

Paediatric dentistry is an area that is completely dedicated to the oral health of children. From infancy to teen years are the groups that paediatric dentistry would handle. The doctors take care of children’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the different stages of childhood.

Childs first dental visit

Making your children’s oral health a priority is key to their lifelong dental health. 

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the first dental visit of the child should be when the first tooth erupts into the mouth and should not be later than the childs first birthday. Just like regular check-ups with a paediatrician, a child needs a dentist’s care as well.

Importance and role of primary teeth (milk teeth)

The primary teeth also called as milk teeth start erupting when the child is of 6 months of age and go on till 3 years when all the 20 milk teeth erupt into the oral cavity. They will be replaced by permanent teeth beginning from 6-7years of age until 12 years. Till such time(upto 12 years) they play a vital role in the childs overall growth and  development, speech, personality etc. Primary teeth are the predecessors of permanent teeth. They maintain the space for the developing primary teeth until eruption. If for some reason the primary tooth is lost at an early age, the permanent tooth would not erupt in its proper place leading to malaligned or crooked teeth. Healthy primary teeth enables the child to chew food properly and  also aids in speaking clearly. It also helps to boost the confidence level of child. Hence its very crucial to take good care of them.

Expert pediatric dentists of Smile and Glow dental clinic offers a wide range of disease management methods, treatment options, as well as training for parents to care for your child’s oral health. The following are the Disease management techniques implemented by Smile and Glow dental clinic.

Parent counselling

Educating parents on maintaining their kids' teeth is the first step of disease management in Paediatric dentistry. Parents are the consistent role models for children, and they can play an important role in setting up a daily routine and making their children understand the importance of oral hygiene. Experts of Smile and Glow brief parents about the eruption pattern of a child's teeth, the time of exfoliation, and how to brush a kid's primary teeth. The gums of a child are very tender and prone to get hurt easily. Parents should use a rubber finger brush instead of a regular toothbrush to protect these gums.

Diet counselling

Before the eruption of the teeth pediatric dentist of Smile and Glow provide counselling for the parents on the basic information about the role of diet in promoting good oral health, and dietary factors that can lead to dental decay. They advise the parents about appropriate foods and snacks and feeding practices.

Smile and Glow offers the following dental services for kids

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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