Dental Implants

Dental Implants

    • Multiple Implants

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    • Single Implant

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Dental implants are titanium screws/inserts that act like artificial roots which are  placed inside of the jaw bone for replacement of single or multiple teeth. Crowns, bridges and dentures are placed over these dental implants. It is often the first choice among other options when it comes to restoring missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are also used as supports to retain dentures.  They are typically made of titanium, a biocompatible material that is accepted well by the body.

Dental implant surgery is one of the safest and simplest procedures in dentistry when performed by an expert. With an excellent track record of over 40 years, implants are the best option for replacing lost natural teeth. 

Advantages of dental implants

      • It is the best alternative to healthy, natural teeth.
      • They look very natural
      • It is a long term solution.
      • Protects the bone. When a tooth is lost, the bone surrounding the tooth starts to shrink due to lack of function. This can adversely affect the aethetics especially in the front teeth area. But when implants are placed in the missing tooth area, it helps to prevent the loss of bone.
      • It is fixed in the mouth and does not have to be removed at night
      • Doesn’t interfere with speech.
      • Helps to retain facial shape and smile.
      • Very comfortable
      • Implants are as efficient as natural teeth for chewing. You can eat almost everything and continue to enjoy your food. 
      • High level of patient satisfaction
      • Easy to maintain just like natural teeth.

Which is better- Bridge or implant?

Implant is best as it is conservative, more stronger and durable than bridge.

In a conventional bridge, the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth on either side have to be shaped and reduced to receive a bridge. But the adjacent teeth are not reduced when placing an implant. The implant is inserted directly  into the bone over which the artificial tooth is placed.


Who can go for implants?

      • Patients who have one or more missing teeth.
      • Adequate width and height of jaw bone.
      • Good quality of bone.

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What is the success rate of implants?

Implants have a high success rate of 90-98%.

Are there any contra indications for implants?

      • Smokers
      • Uncontrolled diabetes
      • Osteoporosis
      • Patient undergoing radiation therapy.
      • Bruxism

What are the dental implant systems used at Smile and Glow?

At Smile and Glow we use the best implants across the world

      • Nobel Biocare (Sweden)
      • Straumann (USA)
      • DIO Digital implant system (UK)

What is the procedure for implants?

Placing a dental implant involves certain steps:

        • A detailed history and thorough clinical examination is done. Preliminary impressions, x rays and CBCT scan are used to study and plan for the implant placement. 
        • The procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia. However the patient can also opt for conscious sedation or general anesthesia.
      • Two-stage implants
        • The dental implant, usually a cylindrical and/or tapered post made of titanium, is placed surgically into the jawbone and left to heal.
        • The implant will fuse with the natural jawbone (osseo integration)  to form a strong and enduring foundation for your replacement teeth.
        • This healing process can take weeks to months. During this time temporary replacement teeth are given.
        • After the implant has bonded with the jawbone(after 3-6 months), the implants are uncovered and a small connector(abutment extension) is placed on top of the dental implant over which the final permanent crown is placed.
      • Single stage implants

In single stage implants, the implant and the abutment extension are placed on the same visit  and a temporary crown is given for 3-6 months. During this time period patient is advised not to chew on hard food.  After the fusion of implant with bone, the temporary crowns are replaced with permanent crowns.

How to Care for Implants

      • Brushing and flossing just like natural teeth.
      • Regular dental cleanings and check-ups once every six months.
      • If you give them proper care, dental implants could last a lifetime.

At Smile and Glow, the following implants techniques are practiced

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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