Instruments Used

Class B autoclave

This autoclave sterilize loads that can retain air, solid, hollow and porous instruments. This system works on pre and post vaccum technology. They are effective in removing prions infections. OSHA rules derive from the origin of occupational safety and health act passed by US congress in 1970. This autoclave meets the european standards norms.

Satelac piezotome and Satelac piezotome tips

Contra angled feature enhances access to all teeth. Increased efficiency and precision. Effective removing obturating material and broken instruments. Safe while working in coronal, middle
and apical third of roots. It is used in cases of bone surgery, implant surgery, impactions. Safer, less traumatic, less bleeding and faster healing.

Rubber dam

It is used as an isolation unit to avoid contamination by saliva and water. It is used in rootcanals, bleaching, fillings, etc. Different sizes are available .

Endo motor

It is used in rotary endodontics.

It is also used in retreatment for failed root canals.

It is effective and time saving than manual method.

Apex locator

To determine the working length of the root.

It is more effective than conventional method.

Start X- tips

It is used to enlarge orifice to create straight line access.

Multiple applications.

It is resistance to wear and tear.


Used in piezo electric type dental ultra sonic scalers.

Improved access due to its contra angled shape.

Types-BUC-1, BUC-1A, BUC-2, BUC-2A, BUC-3, BUC-3A.


These are microsurgical ultrasonic tips.

Used for endodontic microsurgery

They have increased access and cutting efficiency.



It provides bloodless surgery.

It is used in frenectomy, gingivectomy, cavity preparation, root canals.

High healing capacity and conservative.


Reduced radiation exposure.

Faster imaging without X-ray film and development.

Immediate imaging on the computer screen.

High quality digital image.

Bleaching unit

It is used in bleaching treatment.

It provides fast, effective and gentle strategies of treatment on chairside.

Bleaching is advised in case of intrinsic stains and discolouration.


It is full mouth x-ray with minimal radiation.

It is used to determine fractures of jaws, detection of caries, cystic lesions, bone support etc,.

It can be transferred as both hard and soft copies.


It helps to achieve excellent long term results.

Treatment under magnification will have more quality when compared to conventional methods.

Enhanced clinical abilities and efficiency has been established.


Heats GP to its ideal viscosity for maximum obturation success.

It helps to achieve maximum excellency in obturation.

Enhanced thermal protector reduces heat around patient’s contact surfaces.

System B

It is used for obturation in root canal treatments.

Provides convenience ,reliability and accuracy.

Success rate of rootcanal has been enhanced.

Heine loupe

High resolution image

exceptional focal range

various magnification ,working distance and wearing options

they provide homogenous, reflex free illumination even in deep cavities.

Piezotome and tips

For less traumatic bone surgery.

Fast healing .

Limiting risk of soft tissue leasion.

Less damage to nerve.

Vaccum former

It is used to imprint opposite bite and fabricate dental appliances like sports mouth guards, bleach trays and orthodontic splints.

These formers can use a variety of thermoplastics depending on necessary thickness and flexibility needed.

Rotary files

This is used for cleaning and shaping of root canal. It is more effective and time saving than the manual method.

Distilled water plant

Sam articulator

High level of precision technology.

It records occlusion in three dimensions with condylar positioning.

It has ON-OFF centric locking device.

3M unitek brackets

Bracket design matches with the tooth contour .

This bracket system provides precision in crown and root placement.

Light cure units

It is light emitting diode(LED).

It has better depth of cure.

This equipment is used to cure resin based composites.


Irrigation safe tips

It provides efficient cleaning and disinfection of root canal.

These tips are designed for the safe removal of the smear layer,dentin debris, and bacteria from the canal (with sodium hypochlorite).

It enhances the sealing ability of new resin-based sealers.

Retreatment files

It is used to remove old gutta percha and silver points.

It also helps in refining the root canal.

It plays an important role in the success of root canal.

Microsurgical instruments

These are instruments used in Periapical surgery, apicosectomy. It is used in areas of minimal accessibility.

Retro filling materials

Used in periapical surgery as a filling material at the root tip.

Messing gun

It is used to carry MTA(retro filling material) to the surgical site.

Ultrasonic tips

It is used for scaling and root planning.

Stropko irrigator

It is used to irrigate root canal.

Also used to dry the canal.

Micro mirror

It is used in periapical surgery.

Ultrasonic cleaner

It is used for sterilise minute instruments.

It removes all the debris, microorganisms from the instruments.

Water bath

It is used for lab procedures like acrylisation(heat cure) for dentures.

Physio dispenser implant(osseoset 200)

Safer treatment –high performance drilling and precise torque control.

Superior handling-separate programs and food control.

It has Contra angle and straight hand piece.

Motor is sterilizable .

Enable internal and external irrigation.

Nobel biocare implant

Esthetic excellence.

High stability.

Exceptional versatality.

Branemark system-clinical success since 1965.


It is myriad.

It balances between technology and biology to ensure long term functional and esthetic solution.

Authored By : Dr. S. Hemamalathi and Dr. K. S Senthil Kumar

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