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Smile and Glow is a multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary Dental Center founded in 1997 by Dr.K.S. Senthil Kumar, a professor in Orthodontics with over 17 years of teaching, research and clinical expertise and Prof.Dr.S. Hemamalathi, Gold medalist in Endodontics with over 15 years of experience in academia, research and clinical practice.

With a vision to provide excellence in dental care, Smile and Glow Dental Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is committed to enhance the patient's experience to a level that is at par with the best worldwide.

To achieve this objective, Smile and Glow Dental Centre adheres to the most stringent health and safety standards, sterilization techniques, the usage of disposable materials like needles, salivary ejector tips, masks, gloves, cups etc.,

A friendly and enthusiastic team of doctors and chair-side assistants, a warm and inviting ambience, and a touch of care in dental care, is sure to make you smile, and glow.

To experience world class dental care,

Call us on +91 44 26701849 to fix an appointment.

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The course gives confidence to do complicated ortho cases without fear.



Improved self confidence in daily in dealing ortho patients.understood correct method of doing FA and interceptive and preventive orthodontics.



Improved diagnostics skill towards malocclusion.



Apart from orthodontics general quality of regular practice also improving day by day.



Personally it is a green come true for me. This was one of my abandoned  area in practice for almost 14 years. “I thank from my heart AAD. Thanks a lot for sir and mam for making me enter a new field in dentistry.



Improvement in proper diagnosis overall effective care and treatment to patients. New window to the world of orthodontics eliminated my fear is the best.


Dr. V.K.Jayakaran(KANCHIPURAM)

He made things so easy and practical oriented the way he thought me “It changed my life” Most of the non-orthodontists should be thought to practice orthodontics as most of the people in our country are not given a chance to undergo treatment, because of less number of orthodontics.



Confident to do the ortho treatment. Wonderful experience to learn orthodontics in a different approach.


Dr.k.Kamaleshwaran(Surandai Thirunelveli district)

Excellent course, with in depth knowledge. Now, I feel I can treat my patient with utmost care. This course really is an eye opener in all aspects of my practice, mainly successful among us is due to concerned approach by Dr.Senthil kumar sir  and the ambience created by supportive staff and friend desk. As a Periodontist, I am now delighted to be a ortho practioner on your blessings.



Confident enough to start my ortho practice.


Dr.C. Justina sasirekha(vellore)

Initially, one thing I know in ortho is brackets, Now I feel confident to treat my patients myself up to an extent. Thanks to Dr.Senthilkumar sir for giving me break knowledge about the orthodontics as postgraduate level and in a logical way.



Overall it was a nice experience to me, any person who has a fashion to practice orthodontics will be benefited much from sir’s lecture.



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